Search Engine Marketing Consumer Electronics Italy

Google Awards Campaign
  • Market: Italy
  • Client category: Consumer Electronics


Objective: Sales Revenue increase whilst limiting costs

  • CornuCopia takes over the SEM Management in September 2012:
    • Complete reconstruction of the existing search account. CornuCopia management shows results in the first months by decreasing costs by 90% and increasing revenue by 52%
  • During 2013 the campaign gets further optimized
    • With -40% google costs vs 2012 and +99% sales value vs 2012 making it one of the most RoI positive channels
  • In 2014 the campaign continues on the limited budget
    • But still grows by another +18% in sales value

Search Engine Marketing Travel DACH + IT

Google Awards Campaign
  • Market: DACH + Italy
  • Client category: Travel and Lodging


Objective: International Lead Campaign (DACH +IT)

  • CornuCopia takes over the Search and Display management July 2014
    • The pervious existing campaigns have been entirely dismissed and a new structure was created
  • In the following 5 months results show a 225% increase in leads in comparison to the previous 12 months (May 13 to Apr-14)