Social Network Campaigns

Today advertising on social networks is an integral part of the online marketing mix.

Social Network Marketing profits of the constantly increasing reach and cross-media involvement of platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, to acquire new clients or communicate directly and instantly with existing ones.

Why invest in Social Network?

  • Out of 2,6 bio worldwide internet users, 1,8 billion are actively using at least one Social Network.
  • More than 1,5 million companies invest in social network worth 3 billion $.

Social Network Campaigns allow advanced advertising targeting methods based on the information and interest profiles the users create themselves while using these platforms.

In Europe the total reach of Social Networks are 293 million users

Apart from the more consumer oriented Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there are also business-to-business focused networks like LinkedIn or Xing available for advertising clients.

232 million of which are using the market leader Facebook

CornuCopia creates, manages and optimizes campaigns on the main social networks based on the clients objectives:

  • Fan base building (Likes, Followers, Members)
  • Traffic on main website
  • Lead generation